Python Algorithmic Trading Library


Is this a test of my character. According to investopedia gives for investing for future is the prospect of not having to work your entire life. Please add a feature where i could see my scrip list by default as as i login which should have last traded price and price at which the trade was confirmed or purchase made and % change and buy or sell options. Pair buy only - marks pair to be in "buy only" mode. In the chart below, we’ve moved down to. Approaching the trade from a logical standpoint based on how the market is reacting can provide us with more consistent results than simply anticipating the directional movement the event will cause. Trading plan: the trader has to plan the activity to be a perfect trader. The number of several hours you may request. Learn to track and record your progress by creating a trading journal.

python algorithmic trading library
python algorithmic trading library

The set of bollinger bands is another intriguingly named indicator which you can add to your arsenal. I found a blog which trashes on all the other scams such as neo2, copy buffett, codefibo, etc. In practice, it looks like this:. Now that we have understood the basic concept of auto trading let us move to the incentives of auto trading. Set up controls in a way you like, including hot keys and mouse events. If there is any fake winning trades.

python algorithmic trading library
python algorithmic trading library

Chart 7 shows kohls (kss) with a bearish divergence in april 2010. Some brokers in their bid to differentiate their services from other brokers also offer value added services such as free market signals.   mean reversion is a time tested mechanic of price movement that happens in every market. One of track 'n trade's most popular plug-ins is the historical trade simulator,. If you have your own system or you want to copy some elses system, you need to look at two things first:. The management fee has been waived to. They should also do a prior art search that does not involve the patent. What is your process for managing the emotional aspects of losses and drawdowns.

python algorithmic trading library
python algorithmic trading library

It is supported by the fibonacci theory and traders are using it because it allows precise and safe trading. The trader may use the exchange traded funds (eft) basket trading interface to create personalized, weighted indices. Don’t let that simplicity fool you, though. This is very important if you want to create your own strategies or to optimize the once that you will receive in the course. Statistics may be on your side to pursue the trade but you are more likely to abandon it because you still see the risks.

When an options trade is hedged “delta neutral,” it’s said to be a more of a pure play on volatility, as opposed to direction. There are varies sites one can purchase and or 'trade' trading platform software. Chasing your tailmany traders get impatient when forex trading - they start trading using one method, get frustrated with it when it’s not performing - they then switch to a different method, and so on. What, when and why   do you want to stay in-tune with the markets and trade stocks and options with confidence. Best options trading brokers in otc leveraged financial instruments. How do i start trading forex.

Traders pay to put their servers in the same building, and to make things fair, engineers scrupulously add extra lengths of cable to equalize the runs among all the servers. Move stop loss for each lower peak that forms until your take profit is hit. Thankfully there is a website called cryptowatch which has pooled cryptocurrency data from several different exchanges into an easy to use resource. The lowest point about today's twitter argument regarding $pgfy-which most of you witnessed - was timothy sykes racist tweet to modern_rock. You can easily control auto trading with a switch conveniently located at the top left of your chart. Ok-some of you say that if a trader trades much-it will be taxable. Trading terms; types of binary options; forex trading hours. To avoid misunderstandings: it's not a course about technical analysis. • a track of trades should be recorded for reference. Ralph achkar, product director for capital markets at trading infrastructure group colt, says algo-trading demand has shifted considerably over the past three decades from a focus on speed to a focus on an increased number of variables.

In addition to being a trade manager and force limited, they feature compliant execution with algo trading system, which are loaded with high equipped programming. There are few differences between forex trading and bitcoin trading. Players continued to exercise caution with respect to the single currency, given that the agreement with the private sector in greece is still not achieved, and the deadline for the signing of the debt relief program is completed as early as thursday, march 8. Trust me this has been ongoing for centuries and is no different. Interactive brokers has invested a lot of time and money in developing a strong suite of trading platforms. And almost 10% of canada's gdp comprises the energy exploration sector.

What are engulfing candlestick styles. Experts on the martingale method - these robots use the popular method of doubling. How to find and trade these straight forward patterns successfully. After the setup was triggered, there were initially some very good bullish signs – then the fed got up and started talking at the end of the new york session. In fact, they do so in the following ways:. We’d love to hear your feedback on this article. And this is where the most important exit signal comes in. Each other, and traders make a profit or loss from the currencies’ value changes. The peso was lifted by news that u.

The trader need to give attention to his greatest loss. At the end of the test, what is your account status. Exclude on-balance sheet derivative and repo-style transaction assets that are addressed separately below. 05 (depending on the level of risk as the individual trader sees it). In africa and latin america, industrial policies often failed because they were focused inward on small domestic markets. Binary options robots is that you should try the robots if you think you can understand what they are doing. -introduction of the best security methods. What is the pattern day trading rule. After all, who would buy more stock in a company if they knew it was sinking.

Unless you are programming/daytrading, you wont have transferable skills. There are a vast number of currency pairs on the forex market that can be traded, but the most suitable for swing trading is the eur/usd. Of course, that increased potential comes with increased risk as well, but if you're looking for growth, individual equities can work well for you — as long as you know what you're doing. Build alpha now highlights out of sample period to give a clear view of the performance differences in both in and out of sample testing. The heist was the biggest the market had ever seen, surpassing the 2014 attack of mt gox. Implement company-wide trades meetings to boost morale, while in the field, schedule timely check-ins with trades that don’t interfere into their work but enhance their incentive for quality work. The non-farm payrolls report is one of the most-anticipated economic news reports in the forex market. Binarymate provides a big list of financial instruments and assets that you can select for trading. Happily, we can report that collective2 works with trade leaders all over the world, including the usa, europe, the middle east, china, hong kong, singapore, north and south america, and oceana. You can test their strategies for.

The more computing power they manage to accumulate, the more chances they have of solving the cryptographic puzzles. Iframe code that points to a google drive location where the said executable is being hosted:. Pips – you can either enter how many pips you are comfortable risking or have that amount filled in by your entries elsewhere on the calculator form. This way, the it is able to produce high quality signals that are capable of making amazing accuracy that is not achievable by any other auto trader. The take profit level is left open. Gbpusd: the pair sold off to resume its broader downside pressure the past week leaving risk of further weakness on the cards. Tradonix has a success rate of up to 80%. The dutch, french and danish also formed similar companies. Do feel free to checkout any of their websites for a full break down of both deposit and withdrawal limits. Bending a track record to fit back data is doomed to failure because prices never repeat in exactly the same way again and the system gets destroyed.

As mozambique, gradually forces out the original inhabitants and brings. Due to the dynamic nature of the industry and to a lesser extent human mistakes the information here is not always 100% correct. It may also be worth heading to their website to check for any current rewards or offers for using specific funding methods. The commission, on judging a practice to be an unfair trade practice, could order the offending party to cease and desist the practice. Custom pair: only copy trade of custom pair (combine with order types above).

Why does the “bid” and “ask” price move. 14 may be reduced, of course, by using a faster computer. A trader looking to sell can do so at the bid price of 1. 5l turbo engine offers a great balance of fuel efficiency and performance. Many are merely attracted by the gambling aspect and are really only in it for the action.

This is fundamentally a computer program that’s ready to make all the trades to get a person. This involves trading at positions of areas that are oversold or overbought. Benefits provided by active investors. Org/just_fun/games/mapgame.  if you’re an active trader that’s looking to stay on top of daily trading volume trends or hourly changes in a stock’s chart, optionsxpress is going to give you the most effective tools to do it. Connections on each lot shall be made with watertight joints in accordance with all applicable plumbing code requirements. " first, think of a number-one wood, the golf club you use for maximum distance. It was also a market matrix turning point, so i had to close the trade with a little profit and went long. Thus, you will get such benefits as:. Fixed a bug when, in the mt5 version only, the line label colors depended on the line colors input parameters rather than on the label colors input parameters.

Support/resistance levels formed during news events are important levels to bear in mind. So, we’re here to serve you with a customer-first and a customer-only mentality that we know you will find is a welcomed retreat to what you might be used to at larger, out-of-state institutions. In any case, the regression channel will show you real time health and strength of the swing that you are trading at the time. What’s interesting about this site is that – despite the ample sales copy – it tells us very little about the innards of the actual product it is selling.

Python Algorithmic Trading Library

  notice the many major buys. But it is enough to make nice profits because you will wait for high probability trades and so your winning ratio will be higher. Op, you might be interested in quantopian's zipline algorithmic trading library, which is also in python: https://github. You just need to register yourself using your email id with a strong password. It is usually quite difficult to increase profits, and the vast majority of retail traders are trying to build the highest quality trading system, thus increasing profits. In a simple explanation, hedging is a way to get yourself protected against a big loss. Forex trading companies want to enable as many new people to enter the market as possible. When the spanish arrived, they discovered that this distance was mediated by people who lived in the northern desert regions of mexico. The term used to describe two-way trade in identical or similar products. Before you know it, you’ll be scheduling quickbooks customers with ease.

Get the right amount of sleep. Good luck programming a coherent circuit breaker to handle that logic. (noting that the “policy of the state [is] declared in the workmen’s compensation law”). Unlike so called fiat or paper currencies or even physical commodities such as gold, bitcoin has a finite supply and more than 76% of the coins that will exist, do so already. The most popular forex trading robots and indicators since 2007. Using the approach you can make profitable trades. The selection of trades should always be based on past trends. An amazing indicator that helps determine what the long and short term market direction is and allows you.

You may have the right idea overall, but having technical analysis in your favor can reduce your risk. My apologies for the messy work though, because the chart gets scrambled when you move it, the text moves all over the place and the calculations are probably completely wrong, but i'm sure you get what i'm trying to do here. Forum forex, forex remittance au section. I say, open your mind. The cryptocurrency world is still covered with a thin veil of mystery, so it’s very important that a company is transparent when it comes to the trading platforms it offers. Due to different time zones, the forex is open for trading. Stop being a sheep and think for yourself for once. Before starting the webinars our trading day would be spent in front of our computers watching the markets for trading opportunities, which involved a lot of stress and a lot of losses. Myfxbook introduced autotrade several years ago, coat tailing other pioneers of the trade copying space (such as yours truly). Another article by todd krueger from sfo: here.

At the very least, it will remind them you are exhibiting, and serve as a useful part of an ongoing relationship-building communications stream. These softwares are purposely created to allow beginners to make profits from the emerging crypto market. Of course there could be an option in the game options to have the windows reverse, so people could have what ever direction they want to see it in. Indicadores tcnicos swing trading e forex trading buchempfehlung para voc. Content are running off the screen. Likewise, bigoption proposes a beginner's webinar for novices who want to learn with a financial expert. You can check out pyalgotrade -python algorithmic trading library.

When is the trade cancelled if not triggered. This can be very hazardous to your trading results if effective risk management is not used. High tariffs and duties, domestic producers may restrain from adopting. If you’re a newcomer to the forex market you are most likely starting off with a micro or mini forex trading account; right. Recently, it gave a brief bullish. Remember, it's a proven fact that most people lose money trading commodities. As you can see, price comes back while it’s going on a down move and these two black lines show us a very strong level of support and then price hits the level of support. In recent years, specialty crops have accounted for thirty to forty percent of the total value of u. The case for a federal robotics commission.

They have so much cryptocurrency information. For this, we first need to understand how swaps work and when arbitrage opportunities arise. Watch out for heikin ashi doji candle 6. Paytm forex card and cash: digital wallet service provider paytm has finally launched its forex services in the country and will enable customers to avail forex card and cash by booking it through their portal. The unstable price action, and no clear market structure makes these types of charts very difficult to make money with. Well, this is a good place to start because i am investing in several accounts and conducting reviews on them. Sure, risks are high, but so are rewards and after all, we are trained traders, just how our knight is a trained soldier who will realize after the first swing the power and danger of using that sword. Have two aspects: the entity structure and the fraudulent action.

Hence, even if you have a proven. This default treatment of foreign currency gains is to treat it as ordinary income. How does the aroon measure momentum. Your decision could be based on fundamentals, a news story, or something else that happens and changes your mind, leading to you deciding you need to get out. 76 against the dollar in august'98. P - left( p (alpha(1-c) + 1) right). News releases) in the matter of seconds. This can be seen as a risk-reduction tactic or safety measure. I seem to have unwittingly stirred up a bit of a hornets nest. Everyone is still allowed to send a balikbayan box to the philippines.

Once the market touched the 91. When trading in commodity futures, traders should understand that although making the. In the catastrophic event that the broker go. That is a very interesting approach to describe an actual life of a forex trader and thirty days of forex trading is bound to be appealing to many readers who want to know more about this particular topic. You can use full or abbreviated labels (pictured below), so you can keep your charts uncluttered. The us and japan historically have taken a keen interest in the ratio of their currencies and have at times changed their bilateral behavior because of it. Long term traders often face the crisis of stagnation. Yet, there exist some techniques that can help the readers to truly have a nice and effectual reading experience. It is especially common amongst travellers who exchange their own currency for that of the country they intend to travel to. However, you need much more than this in order to be a profitable.

Here is the strategy explained step by step:. Just 10% of trading is regular stock picking, jpmorgan estimates. Don’t think about it, only act. It’s less volatile than stock market trading, and it requires a smaller amount of capital to get started. This being said, the market is typically liquid enough to accommodate 99% of your trades. People knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows. Margins are subject to change at anytime without notice. While these "non-reporting banks" tend to trade smaller amounts and/or only sporadically, in aggregate they account for roughly one quarter of global fx volumes (table 2). The spartan trader fx team is devoted to business energy. The thought of day trading is to create big profit margins by utilizing the little price movements of securities within one day.

Although mt4 historical data usually offers lower quality than dukascopy and truefx data, it may still be beneficial to use it in some cases, such as:. Creditmantri ™ is a registered trademark of creditmantri finserve private limited. Wealth in a fairly short time. Presented, indicating that the journey commences from south africa. What causes el niño and la niña to occur. Kong laying it out there. All in, prices to commerce in a single day positions in foreign exchange rival the cost of trading futures at a deep discount broker.

It is a little disingenuous to say that zipline doesn't support python, the short description from github says: "zipline, a pythonic algorithmic trading library". Most exchange rates are given in terms of how much a dollar is worth in the foreign currency. Fifty to one leverage means that for every $1 you have in your account you can place a trade worth $50. A representative of one of the legit bitcoin brokers that the crypto trading solution partners with. It is a new version of forex market trading that is simple in comparison, which makes it the preferred trading method for new traders. Underpriced ones will be pushed up by buying. A better way of placing stops on double-top or double bottom-trades is to use bollinger bands.

So today the dollar is higher as the market is breathing a sigh of relief that qe2 won’t be at the high end of the range. For instance, unauthorized use of i. To enable it you need to navigate to the . ( remember that due to the variety of the brokers’ pricing data point d would touch this line in some of the brokers). This is the weekly chart, by the way. The long-term investing path is quite boring and long, i reckon. How do you trade with a small account.

Continuously repeated when it comes to the forex market, the fibonacci. Risks that include a change in interest rates, political implications, the trade deficit, or even a change in the main commodity prices of a certain country. Traders using different styles will trade stocks that have different price profiles, so you don't want to mix it up too much. , as are aspects of programming the source code and testing and validation, such that 68% of the development of the software is attributed to work performed in the u. Initial coin offering scam (ico scam). Option trading example nse – home and business accounting software mac. My trading bias is becoming clearer now each day as i listen to the wisdom of andy and marc.

Often they wait for sudden socio-political changes that may affect their trading strategies, while others may be interested in day trading or scalping. The germans' desire to push. (to learn more about this strategy, read . The signal should also give a direction to the trade. The visualization of optimization results on the forward period is available on the "forward optimization graph" tab. You suddenly hit a hard. Salmon said there was much evidence that ultra high-speed automated trading by computer algorithms had made markets more efficient, despite the phenomenon of flash crashes it had given rise to. If you are not patient, and you need action every day, add spread trading to your current trading style (e.

Net we have also options such as using specific programming languages like c# or vb. Then help those 2 get binary qualified. 2st dca on $1 initial purchase in value= $4. Box breakout mt4 indicator – long setup. In forex futures, for example, the chicago mercantile exchange has a “settlement” closing price that is used to clear trades done at the close and to mark-to-market open trades being carried over to the next session.

Python Algo Trading Library

But what is the fastest and best way to make profits and gains from bitcoin. Smart group trade entries on eu index h4. Stocks, options, binary options, forex and future trading has large potential rewards, but also large… read more…. Germany, hong kong, ireland, israel, italy, japan, south korea, mexico, new zealand, poland, singapore, spain, taiwan, united kingdom. 01 per share with $3 minimum per trade. The high and low project off the top and bottom, but the main action — the range between open and close — is minimal. I am going to combine harmonic pattern plus with my own trading system. Of course you can easily access stock quotes information elsewhere, from online websites, your smartphone, etc.   you will also be able to view the trading hours from within your meta trader 4 trading terminal by following the process outlined below. If price is below the pivot point, the market sentiment is bearish.

Forex is an acronym for foreign exchange market and it cannot be compared with the common stock exchanges such as nasdaq and the tokyo stock exchange. There is no trading signals software to download, to join our forex signals service one may register with us and apply for one of the signals plans we provide. You read that right – $36 million dollars. We advance onto our own unique trading systems and strategies and the final. - in its day it was a wealthy metropolis that stretched along. Swing trading strategy # 7:  middle bollinger band forex trading strategy. For individuals with trading experience it is a gold mine of features and functionality.

This can occur, for example, when the market for a particular digital currency suddenly drops, or if trading is halted due to recent news events, unusual trading activity, or changes in the underlying digital currency system. A position trade is based on macroeconomic trends. At the end of the day, your decision to hedge or not to hedge should depend on your investment goals and personal circumstances, and we recommend obtaining professional advice before making your choice. Ideally, everyone is getting out at around e, no matter what their style. We want to find the right cluster of possible variables and not an exact variable. So, what does a long-tailed pin bar look like.

The forex bureaus woe started as of june last year. Zipline (a pythonic algorithmic trading library). Crypto advantage trading software now offers a full list of cryptocurrency signals to trade with. For signal providers, you can set a monthly sub rate that each trader must pay you to copy your trades, but myfxbook will take 30% of this. I actually took the 2-week trial at ttm.

The following types of charts are available in metatrader 4:. That may sound like special pleading, but a recent independent analysis roping in data from 13 separate studies of hominin relationships came to the same conclusion. Etoro is a forex broker that also offers a free demo account. This is yet another free bitcoin trading bot. Q: how can i change my username/password. 0 utilises the power of its ea (expert advisor signals).   this forces newer traders into taking bad trades because they “have to” trade. This sums up the point that you can’t afford to take on the market and you can’t afford to continue to average your positions to recoup your losses. Clearly, a simple application of the system and taking every 5 and 6 ema crossover won’t do.   i only had to come up with the.

Are your trades more ‘buy & hope’ than planned strategies. In forex trading, scalping involves buying and selling currencies on the basis of real-time analysis. The dbhlc is also a 2 bar pattern. Back-tested results can be used to eliminate strategies that either don’t suit. 0045 per share plus/minus routing fees ($1 minimum). By the professionals in the same manner as the normal accounts.

I am from india and subscribed for this reason that if i receive forexsignal on sms i will be alerted but the forexsignal. Eventually i evolved into a systematic trader. Cryptopia wants to be an all-in-one shop for btc, which may be a sign that they are doing too much. While the theory that several touches will weaken any zone is usually true, this time the zone has continued to hold with no deep penetrations into the zone. "my impression was that regulators were not always alive to how things work in practice.

Each one moving into profit from 5 to 25 pips before stalling out and. With any forex trading partners, the client seeks certain benefits like reliability, safety, and guidance. 3,300 for every 1 lakh you spend on the card. The agent can identify this statistical behavior by buying and selling a and b simultaneously based on their price spread (= price_a — price_b) . Both bulls and bears are eager for the trading range to end, but both are taking fast profits because they know that it is more likely to continue and that swings up and down will remain brief. Oil shot up to well over $140 dollars a barrel.

” they also followed the daily returns from the trading bot and wrote, “results may vary, of course, but on average the trading bot generates a daily profit of around 1. I review stock trading or analysis software from time to time when i find interesting piece of. I don’t know what is going to happen, but over tens of thousands of trades i have found that it works more often than not. Therefore, the amount of interest received by the trader, for holding the eur/usd pair overnight, will be determined by the difference in interest rates prevailing in each location when the rollover occurs. The evidence today seems to be pointing to a short-term pullback, beginning about now. A continuous torrent of spam to all and sundry, using the dumbness-of-crowds. Oanda's trading platform freezes often. Day trading rules apply to all stock transactions, equities, bonds and securities with only one exception - .

Based on market conditions, the value of your currency (us or foreign), and other factors, avatrade will guide you and inform you when to make a move, and when to sit it out and wait, to ensure optimal returns on your trades and investment deals. Keep a record of all things as your own journal. Buybots offer you event tickets or credit in exchange for some or all of your tradable cards and boosters. During every trade day there are three hours during which the forex trading sessions at london and us overlap. Ishares shortterm cnd bond and 2 vanguard etf, cheapest in the business. In this case, the trader would sell into the downtrend by waiting for a pullback to a level of resistance (green) and then taking a short position in the direction of the daily trend, with a stop above the highest point to which the pair traded in the pullback. The fca has the ability to pursue a client complaint and take steps to:. Trading station’s strategy optimizer can test a wide range of strategy inputs so users can quickly locate input combinations according to their needs.

New continents are not discovered every day. What you need if you want to become a day trader one of the first things you need is a high speed internet connection. After getting some warming feedback about my previous library release (link), i've decided to also release qtpy-lib, an algorithmic trading python library for trading using interactive brokers. In fact there will be stops that you may deploy to avoid disaster but even these could be vulnerable in highly volatile markets. There is no mention of a. You may have thought that the products will sell for itself and all your prospects will be flocking to you to buy them. The surplus country’s barriers to imports,” observed trade scholar. Below is a screenshot of this forex x code indicator making +120 pips in 2 trades in 1 day. Learn forex with a training webinar.

Telegraphic exchange rate,mail transfer rate,demand draft rate. In the eu framework, a german bank bailout inevitably means an eu bank bailout, and this comes not a moment too soon for the italian banks which are saddled with non-performing loans and a stagnant local economy. By having a diversified number of non-traditional investments you can reduce risk and gain high investment returns through many months of managed trading. The interface must be understandable, visual and functional, without advertising tricks and other irritating. Economic development has a direct relationship with the environment. Active day trading demands higher bandwidth, higher performance and dependable web connection. The bearish signal comes at the moment when the demark sequential indicator gives you the number “9”. Mainly because my algos are designated for ranged trading market (peaceful days), not suitable for trading new high / new low (volatile days). Discipline yourself and have a trading plan which should not be broken. Base on the previous fluctuation test result, we can define it as the following fuzzy membership.

Imho, making and executing your own trading decisons is best. Some brokers otsup increase the price to be placed pending orders. My biggest complaint would be that for me in particular, the surefire e-book itself spent too much time describing the forex market instead of all about how to trade it. At the moment the best ask price is 0. You need much more than speed, and no trading software is executing at a faster speed than others because they are all at the mercy of the broker in the end. Can i create contests with giveaway prizes that are awarded via trading. In a trading session, if the value of eur/usd moves from 1. We find it very questionable that such an allegedly well-connected company cannot seem to reply to their own customers. In general, for any prior notice violation, the action fda and cbp staff typically should consider taking is refusal and/or assessment of cbp civil monetary penalties.

Td ameritrade is truly the best of class. Looking to make the shift to algo trading. Warren buffett is a living legend in the world of investment and will likely go down as the greatest investor for a long long time…. A swing stock trader can make profits in both short and long time frames, but only if they can see past the emotional and psychological reactions that govern the thinking of the crowd mentality. It is most likely feasible up to and including particular stage, however because price action is extremely discretionary, it might be very hard in order to signal a good ea to do something such as… nicely. I really can’t stress this enough – a candlestick pattern on it’s own is a very weak signal. Winning traders can look at the. Check out their recommended sleep times. The report continued ‘some firms lacked a suitable process to identify algorithmic trading across their business and did not have appropriate documentation in place to demonstrate suitable development and testing procedures are maintained.

Forex strategy can be used if you are going to trade along the main trend. An improving employment situation tends to boost consumer confidence and encourages them to spend more instead of keeping their hands in their pockets. The main factor that separates worth action mercantilism from all different mercantilism ways is that it uses “clean” or “naked” charts. However, a chief executive officer of a commercial bank based in lagos, on condition of anonymity, says that automation in workplaces is now beyond the mental images of robots on a production line or behind a fast-food counter. Cryptocurrencies include: bitcoin, dash, etc, ethereum, litecoin, and ripple.

Comply with your money management rules. In order to set the. Story of these particular kinds of products. This means you don t actually own any assets. Individual traders do not get the same access to better spreads and trading flow insights.

[1] in response a number of third party software companies developed straight-through processing bridging software. The bots at dota 2 are the hacks that helps you get the last hit and to kill enemies with one simple hit. They are all legitimate and often times will give you the same points. To trade like a pro if one is truly serious about trading.